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"Be the change that you wish to see in the world
                                                                              -Mahatma Gandi

An international Kids Talent Show is ON..!

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Little champs sphere is a youtube channel that provides an international online platform for kids under 12 to showcase their talents. Intended with the aim to bring out the super stars in our kids all around the world. Everybody is talented because everyone has something to express. And we help them to follow their passion and become an international celebrity without auditions and eliminations. If your child has a special talent, a one in-ten-thousands ability. If she / he can dance well, enrich music with their cute voice, magic in their hands, change a blank canvas into beautiful colours or have a talent you want to show to the world, We are here to get the world into the walls of your own home. We will get you the limelight you deserve.

All participants can earn prizes.
Start recording on your device and let the world appreciate your talents..!

Little champs

Our Mission & Vision

Little champs

Exhibit your kid's talent

"Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet." And we will get the world to you.
Children are treasure of talents. And these talents are meant to be shared. The key to success is start before you ready. Hence, exhibit your kid's talent for everyone to see.

Little champs

Promote your kid's talent

"Everyone has unique talents and abilities. What is rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads."
Share your kid's talent videos, start watching start appreciating, Get more likes and viewers, win big prizes and get famous around the world.

Little champs

Let's do it together

Every child is a different kind of flower, altogether they make this world a beautiful garden. Talent needs support and appreciation to grow strong. Sometimes your kids always fail to find a best platform to finish whatever they started. You can bring your kid to this super platform and be their super Mom/Dad.
Begin it with us and We will raise them Up...

With our unique platform setting the perfect stage for your kids with no auditions, no discriminations and no eliminations...  Win big prizes and be the next celebrity, start out on your journey of success with us.

Our Video Catalog

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Important Note..!

As per people demand, We are happy to inform You that your kids performance not atleast 5 minute,
You can recommend us to publish in our channel.
Once itz reached 10K... Definitely there will be reward as appreciation.

Important Note..!


You can hand out original perfomance of  Your Kid and contact details to the follwing mail ID :

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